Mike Hovancsek


My name is Mike Hovancsek.  I have generated a lot of visual art, writing, and music over the last 25 years.  My work is widely scattered around the world thanks to various art galleries, record labels, publications, and radio stations.  While I am grateful to all the people who help to get my work to the larger public, I also realize that it can be confusing to keep track of all the different outlets.  Hopefully, this website will enable people  to see a decent cross-section of my work in one place.

My work includes multimedia performances, visual art, writing, video, music, and spoken word.  Most of it is unified by the idea that art is more interesting when it trips up our cognitive processes and forces us to look at life with new eyes.




I make music that combines instruments and tunings from several different cultures in an attempt to create something new.  I play several instruments including the Japanese koto, Chinese zheng, and Indian sitar in addition to Western instruments like guitar, piano, and bass.  I currently have three solo CDs ("Temporal Angels," "Turbulent Calm," and "Ascend").  You can read about these releases, listen for free, or download them here

In addition to my solo work, I played in a group titled Pointless Orchestra for 11 years.  That group has since disbanded but you can download our entire catalog for free here and you can watch a video of us in concert here.




I have written and published articles in academic journals, newspapers, magazines, A&E publications, and literary journals.  I write in a range of styles including academic articles, editorials, reviews, feature articles, and humor pieces.  I have also made a few appearances on national radio programs.  Due to copyright restrictions I can't post MP3 files of those pieces on this website but you can read the text to a recent humor piece that I wrote/performed for Public Radio International and I have posted a few articles about the arts on this site.



Visual Art

My visual art often combines photography, painting, and experimental print-making techniques.  It has appeared in galleries, publications, and websites around the world.  You can see examples of my work here.




Feel free to contact me if you would like to share your opinion, hire me for a workshop, purchase prints, or publish/exhibit my work. My e-mail address is point@neobright.net